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12 Arabic Translation Works Longlisted for Sheikh Zayed Book Award

Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced the long list for Arabic translation category in its 13th edition, which included 12 works selected from 107 works which have applied for the award. Such works are translated from English, French and German. Most of Arabic translators are from Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

Translations from English included seven works: “Paths of Modern Arabic Poem” written by Mohsen Jassim Al Moussawi, translated by Ahmed Bohassan (Morocco), and published by Toubkal Publishing House 2017, “Are Some Languages ​​Better than others?” written by Robert William Dixon, translated by Hamza Bin Qablan Al-Muzaini (Saudi Arabia) and published by Knoz Al-Ma’refa Publishers 2018, “Three Cities of the East: The Mediterranean Coasts between Glamor and Decline” written by Philip Mansell, translated by Mustafa Kassem (Egypt) and published by the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters, Kuwait 2017, “The Two Main Problems in the Theory of Knowledge” written by Karl Popper, translated by Najib Al-Hassadi (Libya) and published by Jadawel for Publishing, Translation and Distribution Publishing 2018, “Violence: A Philosophical Selection” written by Vittorio Buvecci, translated by Yasser Qansouh (Egypt) and published by the National Center for Translation 2017, “Theory in Justice” written by philosopher John Rolls, translated by Radwan al-Ayadi (Morocco) and published by the New United Book House 2018 and “The Gene – An Intimate History” written by Siddhartha Mukherjee, translated by Ihab Abdul Hamid (Egypt)and published by Dar Altanweer Publishing 2018.

As for works translated from French into Arabic, they include three works: “Origins of Hermeneutics” written by Georges Goussdorf, translated by Fathi Enqzou (Tunisia) and published by Mominon without Borders for Studies and Researches 2018, “Sea of Califs: History of Islamic Mediterranean from the 7th Century to the 12th Century” written by Christophe Picard, translated by Dr. Jean Jabbour (Lebanon) and published by Librairie Orientale 2018 and “What is Criticism? Followed by Texts on the Culture of the Self” written by Michel Foucault, translated by Muhammad Azuita (Morocco) and published by Africa East 2018, in addition to two translations from German into Arabic: “Arab Jews in Israel – Cognitive Vision” written by Omar Kamel, translated by Dr. Shirin Al-Qabbani (Egypt) and published by Alexandria Library 2018 and “History of Islamic Theology from Prophet Muhammad to Present Time” written by Tillman Nagel, translated by Mahmoud Kibibu (Germany) and published by Dar al-Warraq Publishing 2018. 

It is noteworthy that long lists for “Literary and Art Criticism”, “Contribution to the Development of Nations”, “Literature”, “Children’s Literature” and “Young Author” were announced in the past weeks.

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