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5976 Hours of Translation Provided at Ras Al Khaimah Courts in 2018

Ahmed Mohammed Al-Khatiri, Head of Ras Al Khaimah Courts, stated that courts provide sign language experts for defendants, victims or witnesses in cases heard before the court.

When someone speaking a language other than those translated in Ras Al Khaimah Courts appears before the court, accredited translators and interpreters from outside the courts are appointed after taking oath. He further affirms that translation department managed to complete 5976 hours of interpretation in 2018, compared to 2500 hours in 2017 by an increase exceeding 139%.

In terms of translation, the department completed translating 156,000 words in 2018, compared to 90,000 words in 2017 by an increase of 73.33%.

Al-Khatiri stressed that the courts were keen to provide free interpretation for litigants to facilitate litigation and achieve prompt justice. He further indicated that there are 12 translators assigned to perform translation tasks in 10 different languages serving judicial and administrative work.

Remote Arabic Translation Service

Al-Khatiri stressed that courts provided remote translation service between judges and inmates of penal and correctional institutions through direct video communication service with detainees in civil cases, as part of the department’s efforts to apply electronic and smart transformation in all of its services and to save time, effort and speed of translation.

He added that Ras Al Khaimah Courts continue to implement their strategy to achieve smart transformation through the provision of remote judicial services in order to apply the best international practices in the judicial and administrative field, in addition to achieving prompt justice.

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