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Apple takes on Google Translate with a new app

With iOS 14, Apple is rolling out its native translation application called "Translate".

The Cupertino company is pursuing its ambition to offer more native solutions to its users by deploying Translate which, as its name suggests, is a translation application, like Google Translate. This new app made by Apple currently supports 12 languages; French, English (American and British), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Arabic and Continental Chinese. It’s not huge compared to the hundreds of languages ​​available on Google Translate, but it’s a start.

In terms of functionality, Translate app offers a textual translation tool, and also a voice translation tool. The user only has to select a source and an target language to translate a text or a sentence orally via the small listening microphone.

Translate also has a Conversation mode which allows you to record a message and have it automatically translated into the language of the other person. He can then respond in his native language, the application will translate his response for him.

Apple’s instant translation app can also be accessed offline. You just have to download the language pack on your iPhone in anticipation of a trip or other. This will allow the user to use it without having to connect to the Internet. The latest feature of Translate a language dictionary. Users will be able to request the definition of a word by selecting it in the app.

Obviously, the app has a very clean and intuitive look, like Apple’s other creations. The Cupertino company has thus opted for white, black and turquoise blue for the text and menus of its application.

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