Press Releases

Although massive in numbers, the populace of the Middle East is not very familiar with English language. Instead of expecting them to learn a new language, it is considered more effective to connect with them in their own language—Arabic. Arabic press releases are important official statements released through the local Arabic newspapers. To share information with the public, it is important to have an understanding of the subject matter being communicated, and to whom. Since these statements are for the general public, they need to share the important information in the most generalized, concise and understandable manner.

Well-written Arabic press releases can enhance your business exposure in Arabic media.

Your Arabic press release contains the most relevant information about your organization and introduces it in the public sphere. You don’t want to miss the opportunity—due to language barriers—for people to learn about you. The accompanying reviews and articles about your work, product or services are also valuable for generating an impression. People are more likely to rely on the experiences of other people, rather than what an organization claims to offer.

Arabic copywriting is evolving with each passing day. The natural preference by Arabic-speaking readers for content in their native language over that in a foreign tongue can help you tremendously!

Aralingua can provide you with professional well-written Arabic press releases that can enhance your business exposure in Arabic media.

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