Software Localization

This is a process of adapting a software program in a local language, format and even culture. Aralingua has the required expertise to adapt your software for the Arabic-speaking users. Our services are not just limited to translating your software user interface to Arabic; but when required, we also resize Arabic text to fit in dialogue boxes and test the Arabic version for a smooth running. A very important aspect of software localization is the adaptation to the local culture; there is the need to ensure that potential cultural implications are taken into consideration during the process.

Arabic localization of your software is vital to claim your market share in Middle East.

With over 400 million Arabic speakers around the world, localizing your software in Arabic language can open you up to a whole new market. After all, users are likely to prefer their native language over a foreign one. Localizing your programs and applications in Arabic will make Arabic-speaking people feel more comfortable with your product. 

In a highly competitive market, it is important to find new ways to attract customers. With Arabic software localization, you’ll be ahead of the game in the Middle East. By removing the language barrier, your clients feel you’re welcoming them more warmly.

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