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Difficulties Facing Arab Translators in Gaza

Of course, there will not be a very smooth translation without difficulties. Despite this, we have ways to overcome these difficulties without affecting the level of translation quality or timely delivery.

First, there are difficulties faced by all translators wherever they are. It is difficult to convey the exact meaning of the text. No doubt translators are different in terms of personalities and intellectual level, so each of us has a special way to convey meanings. The translator may intensively investigate the idea that he is trying to convey until reaching the closest meaning and he may use another wording benefiting from synonyms.

Second, there are difficulties facing the translator in some countries due to power outage which affects laptops. However, we translators in places like Gaza overcome this difficulty by making utmost benefit of the time of translation. When power is on, they use such periods, no matter how short they are, to finish translation. Also, they gained positive things from these difficulties as they have the ability to double our efforts and work under pressure.

Certainly, these are not all difficulties faced by translators, and these are not all ways in which everyone overcome these difficulties but each of us has a different point of view and living in different circumstances.

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