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Facebook performs translation of 200 million lines daily through “Post Translation” service

More than 1.6 billion active users around the World use Facebook in order to make sure that they all understand each other, at least at language level. Facebook previously launched an advanced feature to translate posts shared by users on their accounts.

Recently during Emtech Digital Conference held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in San Francisco, Alan Packer, Facebook’s Director of Engineering and Language Technology, said that the translation service provided by Facebook can handle 400 languages and dialects. Moreover, this service understands the words and the general context.

For example, when the service translates a post about a hotel in Paris, it publishes this post to your French friends in order to help you. The main function of translation is to get rid of the language barrier which can affect communication between users in order to make the world a more open place.

It should also be noted that 800 million users, out of 1.65 billion users of Facebook, use “Post Translation” service monthly, and it is available as “see translation” under each post.

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