Games & Apps Localization

The video game market has recently been turned upside down by the development of mobile applications that have revolutionized an industry previously dominated by large national and international development agencies. Today, the mobile games and application market consists mainly of micro-enterprises not exceeding 5 employees. To help these developers successfully access Arabic-speaking markets, Aralingua offers them premium localization services for their apps and games.

Most Arabic-speaking people prefer to use apps and games offered in Arabic language.

There are more than 400 million Arabic-speaking persons around the World. It is therefore in the interest of games and apps development agencies to localize their games and applications in the Arabic language if they want to access the Arabic-speaking markets in a successful way. Like most people around the World, Arabic-speaking persons prefer to play games and use apps that are offered in their native Arabic language. Offering your games and apps in the local language of your customers make them feel more comfortable and feel home with your apps and games due to easiness of use; unlike the case with using products in a foreign language.

At Aralingua, our localization team will not only translate the user interface of your app or game, but they also take care of any culturally- sensitive issues, and carefully test  your app or game for any issues related to design, language, culture or any other issues that may stand against the successful launch of your product in the target Arabic-speaking market.

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