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How to be a successful translator?

There is no doubt that successful translator can be distinguished out of other translators through texts he translates. Successful translator is characterized by several qualities, including:

  • First: Successful translator is honest, so he always conveys the correct meaning of words to be translated and never uses irrelevant words and sentences that have no relation with the original text.
  • Second: Successful translator is patient as translating contents on a particular topic is not at all easy. A successful translator must have the patience required to translate texts very correctly without mistakes.

Moreover, practice of translation requires that the translator be sure of his own translation. This certainty can only be achieved through reviewing his translation after being completed. This review certainly requires a lot of patience. Producing properly translated work requires the translator to carry out a comprehensive review of the translated text to verify the correctness and accuracy of words in addition to their suitability with the original text and the context of the translated text as well.

  • Third: Successful translator should be familiar with the culture of  the original text author. Each author has a particular way of writing that reflects his culture and his style of narration as well as the culture of his society. There are many authors who write about the contemporary problems that confront their societies. It can be said that the translator must understand and respect the culture of  the original text author.
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