Beijing University Hosts Conference on Arabic Language & Culture

Beijing University hosted the joint conference of the Arab sub-department of the Foreign Language Teaching Steering Committee of the Chinese Ministry of...

5 Ways Big Translation will change the way you do business

     It is an era of globalization and industrialization. To be a part of global industrialization, good communication is very important. It doesn’t mean...
Arabic Localization Services

How to use the localization to win the market

World has become a global village. When you sold your products outside the country without a global market strategy. You will get half of...
Translation service

Hot Debate Over Use of Machine Translation by Government Agencies

Although millions around the world use online machine translation tools to translate many words and texts every day, there is considerable debate about the...
Arabic-speaking students

UAE Leads Arabic Localization of World Knowledge

The world celebrated yesterday the International Translation Day, which falls on September 30 each year, in recognition of the role played by linguistic professionals...

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