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How to Enable Live Translation During Skype Calls

During these days of quarantine, you will see how useful it is to use communication applications to make you connected with family and friends. Skype is one of the best and most useful applications for making free voice and video calls over the Internet. Using this app, you can stay in touch with friends, family and coworkers.

Skype is also very useful for business meetings without actually being in your office. You can start group video calls and arrange a virtual meeting. When you make a video call with a foreigner, sometimes you may not understand clearly what they are saying. A lot happens to us when other people ask us to repeat what I just said. Skype has a solution for this – it can translate what others say into your languages ​​and display it as a translation in the video call. This also works for voice calls.

Here’s how to enable translations of Skype calls:

  1. Launch Skype for Windows desktop and open Settings.
  2. In Skype settings, select Calling, then enable Call subtitles, either for all talking parties, or only for the other parties.
  3. In Call subtitles settings, you can choose your own language, so that the subtitles can be translated to your language.
  4. You can close the settings now and try to make a call with any of your contacts. The translation will be displayed near the bottom edge of the video / audio call window

For the translations to work smoothly, you must have a good internet or WiFi connection. Skype should analyze and fetch translations in real time. We have tried it with slow 4G network and the Skype call sound became very choppy.

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