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Terazi’s son Dedicates Translation of Suez Canal Original Document to Authority’s Museum

As part of the cultural role played by the Authority, the Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish, Chairman of Suez Canal Authority received, on Friday, Mubarak Nasrallah Terazi, the son of the expert of Eastern manuscripts and documents in the Egyptian National Library and Archives and the professor of Eastern Languages and Literature in Egyptian universities.

The chairman of the Suez Canal Authority received, in the Surveillance Building of Suez Canal Authority in Ismailia, the son of the expert of Eastern manuscripts and documents accompanied by Dr. Refaat Abdullah Suleiman, head of the Eastern Languages Department in the Faculty of Arts of Suez Canal University, Dr. Mohammed Al Wakeel, professor of the Ottoman manuscripts and Hebrew and Eastern literature of Ain Shams University and Engineer Hani Tawfiq Hanna, deputy director of the Management Department.

Terazi son presenting translation of original Suez Canal document.

Mubarak Nasrallah Terazi expressed his desire to dedicate the translation of the terms of the original document, signed by Ferdinand de Lesseps and Khedive Ismail to the museum of the Suez Canal Authority. The document was translated by his father Dr. Nasrallah Mobashar Terazi and contained the permit of the establishment of the Suez Canal, its addenda, obligations and commitments to be fulfilled.

The Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish confirmed that the Canal is an integral part of the Egyptian history and he expressed his gratitude to the Egyptian scientists of history, praising their role in preserving the heritage and cultural identity of Egypt. Also, he welcomes all initiatives that can help enrich the Authority’s museum.

He added that the Authority is proud of the role played by the late Nasrallah Mobashar Terazi and his contributions to bringing about culture through indexing, classification and translation of many manuscripts and books from Eastern languages into Arabic and vice versa, so a special part of the museum will be dedicated to provide information about the late scientist and shed light on his most important books.

It should be noted that the late Dr. Nasrallah Mobashar Terazi came from Kazakhstan in the fifties of the last century and settled in Egypt where he was exceptionally granted the Egyptian nationality by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Then he worked in the Egyptian National Library and Archives as an expert in the Eastern manuscripts and documents, and took part in spreading the Arabic and Islamic culture through indexing, classification and translation of 23 thousand manuscripts in the Egyptian National Library and Archives.

At the end of the visit, the Vice Admiral Mohab Mamish granted the new Suez Canal Shield of Honor to Mubarak Nasrallah Terazi, Dr. Refaat Abdullah Suleiman and Dr. Mohammed Al Wakeel.

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