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Top Seven Websites for Free Online Translation Services

It is said that translation is the other side of text. Today, this process becomes necessary under all circumstances, as the World has become a small village, and the convergence of cultures is inevitable in order to share different experiences. Accordingly, below, we will review some online translation sites that contribute to learning languages and translating texts, documents and websites of different languages.


It is a well-known translation service powered by “Google”, the leading company in the field of Internet-related services. Millions of people around the world use this service to communicate with and understand people from other parts of the world. Such service covers more than 100 languages to translate texts, articles, websites, e-mails and documents. In addition, it provides automatic language detection as well as audio pronunciation.


This translation service is provided by “Microsoft”, the famous company in the field of computer technology. The service supports more than 50 languages and is considered the first competitor of Google Translate. It provides translation of texts, articles and websites. It also features a professional translation service that show full meaning away from translation of just vocabulary.


This translation service supports translation of texts and websites. It covers more than 95 languages, in addition to audio pronunciation. The system builds its dictionary through analyzing millions of translated texts.


It is a site that is visited by thousands of internet users. The site provides translation of texts and documents and provides sentences that have been searched by visitors.


This website is one of the most distinguished sites dedicated to translation of texts and web content. It covers more than 44 languages, including Arabic, and it provides voice translation service.


This site serves as a unique language service provider, allowing translation of documents, websites, videos, texts and much more. The site provides free translation tools for translators, freelancers and other professionals. It also provides high-quality translation of words, sentences and paragraphs as well as documents. This translation service supports more than 45 different languages.


This site allows you to translate an unlimited number of words from one language to another. It supports over 15 languages including Arabic, and it enables translation of texts, tweets and emails.

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