Legal Translation

When it comes to translating legal documents from English to Arabic or from Arabic to English, it is essential to ensure that the translation is perfect in terms of accepted legal terminologies in the target language. Even a small error can put the entire lawsuit or deal at risk. Is it worth jeopardizing your contracts or legal obligations to save a few dollars by using average translators who may not be familiar with legal terms and procedures?

The solution is to choose qualified and professional legal translators. At Aralingua, based in Ottawa, we understand the importance of accurate legal translation and offer expert translation services perforemd by professionals with strong legal backgrounds at a reasonable fee. Don’t take chances with your legal documents – trust the professional translators at Aralingua to ensure that your translations are of the highest quality.

Arabic translation of legal documents
Our legal Arabic translators have extensive experience in translating all types of legal documents.

Our legal translators have an average of 10 years’ experience translating legal documents such as:

  1. Contracts and agreements
  2. Court orders and judgments
  3. Patents and trademarks
  4. Wills and trusts
  5. Deeds and mortgages
  6. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce decrees
  7. Immigration documents
  8. Corporate documents (bylaws, annual reports, etc.)
  9. Intellectual property documents
  10. Employment contracts and policies
  11. Lease agreements
  12. Loan documents
  13. Power of attorney documents
  14. Business licenses and permits
  15. Merger and acquisition documents

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