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Wikipedia Uses “Google Translate” to Provide Articles in Several Languages

It is known that the number of articles available in each language on “Wikipedia” varies to a great extent as a result of the activity of editors and users in each language. The number of speakers of those various languages is not clear, the matter which prompted Wikipedia to search for a solution. It collaborated with “Google” to use its translation service within Wikipedia Translation Toolkit.

According to Wikipedia’s official blog, Wikipedia will use the Apertium as an open source translation service, but now there is another option, “Google Translate”, relying on artificial intelligence techniques associated with this domain, which can better understand language context than before. Wikipedia has translated up to 400,000 articles through its service and now with “Google Translate” this number will increase further.

It should be noted that “Google Translate” service is distinguished from Apertium service as it supports 15 additional languages and it also provides better quality translation thanks to Google’s expertise and techniques in the field of artificial intelligence.

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